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Frequently Asked Questions


Nutriscuit are made to uplift your health instead of hindering it with refined sugar. We spent months engineering our recipe to offer you a balanced snack packed with protein in the form of a tasty, soft-baked cookie.

Nutriscuit are a perfect after-work out snack. It offers a variety of nutrients that aid in muscle regeneration and muscle growth. However, physical exercise isn’t necessary to enjoy the benefits of a Nutriscuit.

Nutriscuit is for everyone who wishes to take care of their health while enjoying a tasty snack! Its 16g of protein are not only helpful to promote healthy muscle growth but are also crucial for the rest of your body to balance blood sugar and regulate energy levels. Its nutritional value is fit for any situation, whether you are spending your day at work or just finished exercising.

Nutriscuit were designed to offer a healthy alternative to the traditional sugar-packed snack and are not meant to replace meals.

Thanks to its high protein levels, Nutriscuit will make your stomach feel full and will sustain you until your next meal.



Yes. Nutriscuit are made in a strictly gluten-free establishment.

Nutriscuit are made with almond flour, a tasty and protein-packed alternative to wheat flour.

Fiber is crucial to maintain a healthy gut biome and bowel movement. Paired with protein, it also regulates blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol levels.

Nutriscuit contain almonds, milk, eggs and soy. They may contain other tree nuts.

Nutriscuit are sweetened using stevia extract, an all-natural alternative to refined sugar.

The natural flavors found in Nutriscuit are flavors that were extracted from natural ingredients, such as bananas, as opposed to being lab-made.

Protein is beneficial for everyone. It’s an essential component for each body part, from your brain to your muscles.

Purchasing and Shipping

Nutriscuit are proudly made in Quebec. Our cookies are certified by Aliments Quebec.

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Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to sell and ship individual cookies at the moment. However, they are available in our select retail locations.

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Can't find an answer?

Send us a message, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Send us a message, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.